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Finding Traction at Green Mtn Film Festival #VT100 #Ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Friday March 27 12:30 p.m.
Savoy Theater

"Finding Traction" presents the inspirational story of ultra runner Nikki Kimball and her quest to become the fastest person in history to run America's oldest hiking trail, the 273-mile Long Trail.

The documentary asks what drives her to attempt such an incredible feat, and follows Nikki's journey from its beginning - training and racing in the Rocky mountains - to her actual record attempt through Vermont's beautiful but brutal Green Mountains. Throughout the film, Nikki's crew and support team provide an intimate portrayal of the courage, grit, and passion behind her record attempt, and interviews with the world's leading evolutionary biologists, including Bernd Heinrich, author of "Why We Run," shed light on the science and psychology behind Nikki's incredible race against time.

For Nikki, this well-publicized run is more than a chance to inspire people to be active and spend time outdoors, it's her way of encouraging women and girls to take an equal place for themselves in professional sports. In addition to providing an inside look into the journey of an elite athlete, "Finding Traction" gives viewers a new perspective on the endurance of the human body and spirit, and informs us all us, regardless of our sex, of our true potential and inspires us to reach it.

Check out the Film Festival schedule: HERE

VT100 Fundraising-Heats Up #VT100 #Ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

Top Fundraisers for Week Ending March 13
1. Lucimar Araujo - $1625
2. Michael Rafferty - $1000.01
3. Matt Klein - $1000 (raised in total the last 2 weeks!)
4. Adolfo Munguia - $995 (raised in total the last 2 weeks!)
Do I see Your Name on our List?

We've set up a page to track our TOP FUNDRAISERS. The link is on our sidebar. Check back to see where your name is on the list. Challenge your friends to raise more money than you or ask them to support your efforts. Either way the benefit will be to help provide sports and recreation for EVERY BODY!

Your race host, Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, is a non-profit organization which provides sports and recreational opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

Your entry fee for the Vermont 100 provides a major portion of our annual operating budget, and is greatly appreciated.

Any additional donations you wish to make to Vermont Adaptive would be greatly appreciated and are fully-tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Donate Now

Visit the donors page of our website at for more information on donating.

Vermont Adaptive is primarily made up of volunteers

All the aid station and other volunteers of the Vermont 100 have donated their time to this race because they believe in Vermont Adaptive's mission.

Vermont Adaptive's sports programs are provided primarily by volunteers; over 400 volunteers throughout the year.

Expenses for programs, not overhead

As much as possible, the vast majority of our budget goes directly to providing our services, to meet expenses for adaptive sports equipment and salaries for our (under-) paid staff members. Even our office spaces are donated by our generous host areas — Pico Mt at Killington, Sugarbush Resort and Bolton Valley!

With only 3 administrative staff members and 3 year-round program coordinators, you can be sure that the vast majority of your donations go directly to providing our sports and recreation programs.

VT100 Volunteers Past, Present and Future #VT100

 Hey Vermont 100 Volunteers!
The VT100 Volunteer Coordinator has changed for 2015, and the new coordinators, Meghan and Kristin, are worried they might miss you! 
If you have volunteered in the past, especially if you have a favorite role or preferred day/shift, and are interested in coming back this summer, please send us a personal email at 
We have already heard from a few folks, but would love to make sure that we get all of our highly valued regulars into their usual spots first!
 Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience as we get our feet under us. And thank you in advance for volunteering! Vermont 100 would not exist without the work of volunteers like you! So the runners thank you, and we thank you!

Vermont 100 Volunteer Service Update #VT100 #Ultrarun #VermontAdaptive #VT #NH

We have updated the RunReg page, so you can now report your volunteer service.

New this year, you will electronically submit your volunteer service information. There are two ways to access your personal RunReg registration page:

1. When you registered, you got a confirmation email that contained a link to your personal registration info.

2. If you have a runreg user name, you can log in to that and access your info.

Either way, once you're into your registration page, you will scroll down to "Editable Entries" select on "Edit Entry" and you will see your original sign up screen.

Once you've access your personal registration page, you can:
- input your service information (once completed) until June 15th
- update your 50 mile qualifier (if you're running the 100-mile race)
until June 1st
- update your 'solo runner' status until July 1st

Reach out if you have any questions regarding this year's race, and we
look forward to seeing you in Vermont this summer!

-Amy Rusiecki
Race Director
Vermont 100